DipPrint® presents two new technologies at the Automotive Interiors Expo 2019.

DipPrint® presents two new technologies at the Automotive Interiors Expo 2019.


DipPrint® presents two new technologies at the Automotive Interiors Expo 2019.

21 – 23 May | Stuttgard, Germany | Stand # A4637

DipPrint® – the original Water Transfer System – will be exhibiting at the upcoming Automotive Interiors Expo 2019, Germany’s exclusive international trade fair focusing on new interiors, materials, technologies and innovations. The fair will take place in Stuttgart in May, from the 21st to the 23rd.
DIP PRINT TM provides innovative solutions to world leaders in the automotive industry by enabling customers to customise any surface and any shape, even three-dimensional ones.
At the trade fair in Stuttgart, DIPPRINT will present two highly innovative technologies for the first time: HT FILM and 3D FILM.

HT FILM – High Tone Film

Thanks to the installation of new printing equipment, the HT FILM solution is able to significantly improve the representation of light and shadow as well as the sharpness of details.


  • Improved ink transfer from the print cylinder to the film;
  • More uniform tone graduation and sharper edges.
  • Contrast adjustment: greater difference between light and shadow, gradation between light and dark;
  • Overall increase in pattern depth effect;
  • In areas where the colour is dense, mottling is greatly reduced;
  • Vivid contours: motifs have a new sharpness, areas of different colours can be clearly distinguished;
  • Small features in evidence: the chiaroscuros of the technical motifs stand out well even in thin shapes of a few millimetres in size.

3D FILM – Surface textures

A new engraving and printing technology produces three-dimensional decorations and a delicate touch texture.

A special engraving and printing cylinder produces fine embossed dots on the film which, after the water transfer process, remain imprinted as a texture on the surface.

  • The delicate touch of texture lends a resemblance to natural materials.
  • A 3D effect can be observed, depending on the point of view, which increases the resemblance to the original material;
  • Wood grain: raised dots emphasise the grain and pores, giving the texture the character of real wood;
  • Technical patterns: small, raised dots give depth to this type of pattern.

DIP PRINT TM – the original Water Transfer System – the original Water Transfer System – allows for infinite combinations between the various weave-decorated bases and the paint surface treatment.

You can easily create your own texture from a photo!
Our experts are on hand to explain DIPPRINT and the technologies mentioned.